The Iphone Just Isn’t Good Looking

November 3, 2009

Iphone vs Palm Pre

I love my palm pre. Then again, I’ve been with Nextel for 10+ years (you can’t beat free incoming coupled with a coast to coast walkie-talkie) meaning I’ve put up with painfully primitive, virtually featureless, and the most rugged phones one can imagine. So the Palm Pre is quite a step up from a long history of using Motorola phones designed for construction workers.

But it really is a great phone. The Pre functions very much like the IPhone with a touch screen and capacity to browse different applications with the flick of a finger.  Perhaps the only limitation is the fact that only a fraction of applications are available for the Pre in comparison to the Iphone. But what I love about my pre, is that along with the touch screen, I have a drop down “QWERTY” keypad, the Iphone is restrictive to only a touch screen. This allows the Iphone a larger screen, but at the expense of freedom to text and respond to emails with the efficiency of a fully functioning keypad. Touch-screens are far more sensitive than actual keypads and therefore inherently more prone to error.

Drawbacks to the Pre? Battery life is weak and the speaker phone is even weaker. But I’ve heard similar criticism of the Iphone’s battery. My mom and brothers both have IPhones, and although their applications look enticing, at the end of the day my Pre is still cuter.

The Iphone’s look is iconic, but it’s borderline monotonous. The overly simplistic, geometric form makes it sterile looking. The pre is curvy, organic…..it’s just sexy. Better yet, the Iphone is the cellular equivalent of Olive Oyl, while my Pre is Jessica Rabbit.



One comment

  1. I kinda compare iphone to Veronica and the Blackberry Bold to Betty.
    Veronica is high maintenance ( high monthly service plan). Though she has a lot to offer opportunity, ease, and comfort with her daddy’s wealth (apps). She is very unreliable in terms of dropping dates similar to dropping calls.

    Whereas, Betty will fix your car and bake muffins (push email, better camera). Betty is more wifey material (more sturdy).
    … Read More
    Although, Veronica is hot! but You can’t simply transfer your attraction to a more pragmatic choice.

    I’m think I’m going with Betty.


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