Sab Kurbaan ! : movie review

December 1, 2009

After much hype and even more anticipation when it was sold out Saturday night, I finally watched Kurbaan (Sacrifice), and am so disappointed. Blasé story, lame action sequences, lousy screenplay. The first Kurbaan that took place was my deciding to watch the whole thing. Shukran Allah it didn’t go too much over 2 hours.

Kurbaan #1: Your time

The blockbuster has been promoted as a “thriller” flanked by a very dramatic trailer, beautiful soundtrack and an A list cast. And I watched the cast on a talk show the other day explaining Kurbaan was actually more than a thriller: it’s a love story.

But I didn’t see any love. Even the much hyped love scenes were mediocre. I used to think the Saif Kareena duo were flawless until I watched them together in Kurbaan. SPOILER ALERT. What’s sexy about a super smart girl, reduced to forcing herself to make out with a terrorist in attempt to save her life. Ewwwww.

Kurbaan #2: Saifeena

Poor Saif too, he wasn’t the hero (actually, there was no hero in this movie). Saif was hot until this movie. Because unfortunately for him, in the absence of any personal relationship with Saif, the roles actors play become a sort of reality with which we view them. Saif was cold hearted, cunning, deceptive. Did I mention he was a terrorist? Oh, and the whole three minutes devoted to a wounded, detailed stitching up of Saif’s usually perfect chest, wasn’t good.

Kurbaan #3: Saif’s hotness quotient

Speaking of terrorism and Bollywood, do all mentions of Pakistan/Muslims really have to be linked to terrorism? Yes Pakistan is in dire straits, and South Asian relations are increasingly hostile post the Mumbai atrocities, but 60 odd years after Partition must we perpetuate tension for the sake of a mediocre 2 hour thriller flick? I’m not naïve enough to expect Bollywood churn out movies of profound political sense with a moral compass, but after films like New York, A Wednesday, Kurbaan and a few others, India’s tinsletown really gives a notion that Muslim = Terrorist.

Kurbaan #4: Any chance of increasingly hostile South Asian political relations NOT affecting the masses.

But the biggest Kurban of all is the very use of words like “Kurbaan” and “Junoon” (passion). Saif is depicted in one scene using the concept of “junoon” to justify his terrorist endeavors. And that too in Urdu, which was poorly spoken throughout the film. Urdu accents were totally off and dialogue was too contrived for it to be believable. It just wasn’t how Pakistani’s speak.

Kurbaan #5: Urdu

Perhaps the way Saif justifies terrorist activity with notions of “junoon” and “sacrifice” irks me in particular because both are poetic concepts used in one of my favorite lyrics by the rock band Junoon:

“Junoon se, aur Ishq se millti hain Azaadi. Qurbaani ki bahoon mein, millti hain Azaadi”

With passion and love one finds freedom. In the arms of sacrifice, freedom is found.

Ahhh, now that’s art. I love Hindi movies, and although Kareena stole the show with impressive theatrics, Kurban was an overall let down. Love Aaj Kal is still my choice for best movie this year.

Ultimate Kurbaan: the Movie itself.



  1. it was on the writing that it would be going to be a Junk Movie, i am planning to see Love Aaj kal, i have heard ppl praising it including u.


  2. I’m not much into movies but Love aj Kal was totally a turn off beside the fact the music was good and that’s it. I’d rather vote for “Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani” as it is comparatively better than “Love Aj Kal”.

    cheers =)


  3. Yay, this one is my favorite!!! I love it! 😀


  4. I think it’s a really nice song. Qurban howa 🙂


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