I Don’t Miss My PC

March 3, 2010

Zainab Picks The Pretty Boy ;)

Zainab Picks the Pretty Boy 😉

Even though I miss the maximize button and know MS Office is easier to use on a PC, I can’t imagine switching away from Mac. I converted last summer amidst pressure from my brothers, both Mac users who pointed and laughed each time I would start up my Sony VAIO. The laughter would last anywhere from 2, to 4 minutes, chuckling at the slow, tired fan of my laptop, chugging away as if gasping for air to load 50 programs that I never used but came pre-installed anyway. And that was just the startup process.

While blogging, and patiently waiting as my laptop stalled for a good 20 seconds when I opened up MS Word and 3 tabs in an Explorer window one evening, my brother placed his arm on my shoulder and said “Zainab, don’t let your computer control you. Ever since I switched to MAC, I have less stress”. I looked at him. I had a deadline for an article and had to be up at 6 am for work the next morning, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to experience the carefree state of mind my brother had. That’s when I decided to take the plunge and give Mac a chance.

I realized soon that just like other great forms of art, less is often more, and therein lies the genius of Apple.

Apple products are known for being stylish, powerful and pleasing to use. They are edited products that cut through complexity, by consciously leaving things out — not cramming every feature that came into an engineer’s head, an affliction known as “featuritis” that burdens so many technology products

There’s no burden with my Mac. It’s given me technological autonomy to browse the web, word process, download, and organize the way I want. My PC had me living in a constant state of fear! Mac doesn’t impose hundreds of programs I have no use for or interest in. It doesn’t accuse me of committing an “illegal operation and will shut down” or crash in the middle of writing my senior thesis. It simply leaves things out. By offering less options, it gives more freedom.

There’s a book I looked at but never fully read by Barry Schwartz entitled the Paradox of Choice describing this phenomenon. The first part went over how Americans shop for jeans. Back in the day, and by back in the day I assume the author meant the 80’s and before, purchasing jeans was a simple, mostly enjoyable activity. Today, because we’re bombarded with so many options for jeans the desire to purchase one becomes tiresome, shopping becomes a task when burdened by extraneous, often redundant options. It seemed like a somewhat convincing argument, although I think it’s more applicable in the case of the Mac/PC debate.

So, on this rainy northern California winter day, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect in hindsight of a well made decision: once you go Mac, it’s hard to go back 😉



  1. That is a nice way to put it. I completely agree PC’s outdated & overdone technology is just not what people look for now. I myself had bought computers with pre-installed windows that gave me all those problems you mentioned, just a few months of using the new computer. I would regularly clean up my disk and re-install the whole thing, just to make it run smoothly again. Then I installed Linux (ubuntu) on one of my old laptop, and all the sudden I was using this futuristic technology that was virus, bug, crash, & all sorts of junk proof. I know Mac is a totally different experience that even the Linux can’t match, but it was good enough reason for me to rid all my computers of windows and give them a Linux upgrade. =D


  2. From the startup screen to the virus free life, the interface, the shutdown speed… Mac is the Mac daddy!!!!


  3. […] think I’d say it, but I miss my PC. I officially made the switch to Macbook after my Sony Vaio crashed in the summer of 2009 and I couldn’t bear any more accusations of “committing an illegal operation”  each time I […]


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